RIP Besian Idrizaj

Besian Idrizaj (22)

People die all the time, it's true, but not someone so young and healthy as a footballer. Someone who 5 years ago won the Austrian Young Player Of The Year award that encouraged Liverpool to sign him. It makes me think there's something far shiftier going on in football at the moment than anyone knows about. Players are getting fed steroid milkshakes and performance enhancing vitamins that are just this side of legal and it's having a terminal effect on the body.

He's not the only young person who has died in the football world from unusual heart problems at an uncannily young age. There has got to be an investigation into why this keeps happening and going undetected. These kids could have been the stars of the future, and now they'll only be remembered as a footnote in wikipedia.

Daniel Jarque (26)

Clément Pinault (23)

Antonio Puerta (23)

Miklós Fehér (24)

Marc Vivien Foé (28)

And the many hundreds of others I have missed out on. RIP to all of you.

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